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Four Things You Didn’t Know About Your Lexington Home’s Garage Door (and How Garage Door Repair Can Fix Them)

Part of what makes living in Lexington special is the classic but unique style of the city’s homes and suburbs. Combining traditional New England design with contemporary flourishes is one of the reasons that Lexington is one of the most stylish zip codes in the country.

The most classic element? The attached and separate garages that seamlessly integrate the city’s colonial history with its bright and exciting future. These majestic feats of architecture provide added form and function to your Lexington home. But unfortunately, life happens, and sometimes things go wrong with your garage door’s ability to do its job: keep your possessions safe and your home structurally intact.

Elsewhere on our website, you can find lists of the most common garage door problems and their associated fixes. So on this one, to spice it up a little, we’ve provided four interesting facts about the garage doors you’ll find in Lexington. Bet you’ll learn something by taking a look at it!

Fact One: To Know Your Garage Door is to Enter Through It

With garage door opener technology, parking your car in your garage is easier than ever before. So it makes sense that most homeowners in the area use their garage door to enter and exit their home the vast majority of the time!

Fact Two: Your Garage Door is one of the Largest Surfaces in Your Home

This might surprise you, but the average garage door in Lexington is approximately seven times larger than the front door to your home. It’s typically the third largest continuous surface you might have in your home (after your roof and floors). So it’s no surprise that an attractive-looking garage door goes a long way to establishing your home’s curb appeal.

Fact Three: Garage Doors Contribute to Your Home Heating Bill

This one might really surprise you. But considering the size and shape of your garage door is so large, by having an off-track or broken garage door, you lose heat equivalent to leaving every window in your house open at once. That’s no laughing matter, and one more good reason to invest in garage door repair as soon as you notice a problem

Fact Four: Garage Door Safety Eye Sensors Have Been Around Since the 1990s

We take a lot of life’s conveniences for granted, but did you know that the infrared sensor that keeps your garage door from shutting on you or a loved one only recently celebrated its 18th birthday? That’s right—before the invention of this marvelous product that made garage door safety a manufacturing standard, people were injured by closing garage doors more often.

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