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Home Garage Door Repair and New Garage Doors Installation

Specialized with malfunction garage door and new garage doors installation. Fully equipped vans and trained technicians are stand by for on-site intimidate repair and garage doors samples for all types of new garage doors, aluminum, wood, steel, vinyl standard and custom. Affordable solutions and over 20 experience. Wither it's a simple repair such as broken hinges and snapped cables, remote or a broken door replacement we will do our best to help you immidiatly.
Types of Garage Doors serviced:
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Steel

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Common Garage Door Problems

  • You push the clicker and nothing happens
  • Your garage door goes up only one foot then stops
  • Door won't close and your opener is blinking
  • There is no light in your safety sensors
  • Noise is coming out from the garage door opener but nothing happens
  • You see a loose cable
  • Wheels came off their track and the door is about to fall
  • Our professional technicians obtained a vast majority of experience installing and repairing all types of garage doors. We have the best guys to answer the phone and understand what you need, products and prices in the business today, and we guarantee your satisfaction!

Spring Repair - is the most common garage door problem

  • If you hear a bang coming from your garage it's probably a broken spring.
  • If your door goes up only 1 foot and stops, don't try to open it any more call us.
  • We cary all garage door springs for different size and weights. Springs for 1 piece doors, aluminum garage doors, metal doors, and custom wood doors. We provide top-quality American made springs with the largest life cycles that will last you for many years.

Opener Repair

  • Garage door won’t open or close?
  • There are too many openers, which will be the best for you?
  • We repair most openers - brands if it's just the chain or the motherboard
  • We can provide you with a new garage door opener that will last you for a long time

Garage Door Cables

  • If your garage door cable came off, or snapped we will safely replace it with a new, branded cable and adjust your door.

Off Track Garage Door

  • If your garage door ever comes off its track, stop operating it immediately.
  • If it continues to operate, the door can sustain serious damage.
  • It will be necessary for a garage door technician to re-adjust the all systems and to put it back on track. We might have to straighten or even replace some of the door panels

Sagging Garage Door

  • Usually there will be visible, sometimes hairline cracks that cause the door to sag. When this is the case it is smart to call our garage door repair company because we will add a strut to the door to stop it from sagging or replace the damaged panels if possible.

New Garage Door Installation

  • We can provide you with variety of garage doors from a big manufacturers brand name.

New Weather Seal Replacement

  • If your garage door isn’t able to guard your garage from rain or other disastrous weather conditions, then we can provide you with garage door weather seals that can endure any conditions

New Rollers Replacement

  • If you have a basic residential garage door that is not insulated then you probably have rollers that are rated for 15,000 cycles which is about 20 years. When your rollers are at their end, we will provide you with longer lasting ones.

New Remotes

  • We will provide you with new remotes if they are unable open and close your garage door.
  • Garage Door Section Replacement
  • Emergency Services


  • Our technicians will do a full-proof inspection on your garage door to check for any unaware issues
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We are a professional and experienced Garage Door Company with a professional crew to help you with any garage door issue . If you only need a simple repair, need a broken door replaced, require a new opener, having a remote issues or if you have any questions on what a new garage door might cost, give us a call today! (888) 530-4472

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