Garage Door Snapped Cables

Garage door cables are a necessary part of having a properly working garage door. Massachussets Garage Door and Gates provides installation and replacement of garage door cables if needed. Many times, garage doors get old and the cables are snapped and need to be replaced to keep the garage door functioning. In case of a snapped cable you want to keep your family in a safe distance.

Once the problem has been evaluated by Massachusetts trained garage doors technicians, most likely, the cables will need to be replaced. Using the latest equipment, propper training and fully equipped vans, an onsite immidiate repair is more than possible.

Other times, it is more beneficial to just update your entire garage door system. Below are some ways in which updating your garage door in Boston can be a great idea.

Updating Your Garage System

When potential buyers are looking at purchasing a home, one of the first things they notice is the garage door. The garage door takes up most of the front look of the home. It is very important to keep your garage door looking and functioning in a way that will increase your investment.

It has been noted that garage doors that are newer and attractive will sell faster. In addition, it also gives the home a more updated look. The garage door and landscaping is what people see first especially in Boston greater area. If you have an older garage door, like a wooden door, that needs repainted often, it can turn away buyers. No one wants to purchase a home or pay extra if they know they will have to paint and repaint the garage door every few years. It is a lot of added maintenance. Metal garage doors offer a protective coating that makes paint last, and keeps the door maintenance free.

In order to better protect your home from break-ins you should check to see if your garage was made before 1993. If so, those garage doors have a remote transmitter signal that can be picked up because it isn’t equipped with a rolling code system like the newer garages. Some garages now offer newer technology that allows them to open and close with smart phones and tablets. In addition, newer garage doors are less noisy. The loud sound of a door opening and closing is a real downside for people who want to add value to their home. Invest in a newer, quieter door and the payoff will be worth it.

If you are looking at updating your home garage door in Boston greater area, reach out to the experts at Massachusetts Garage Doors and Gates today! We handle everything including maintenance, installs, and repairs.

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